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The Ecodesign Impact Accounting (EIA) is done annually. Here you will find the latest status, carried out by VHK for the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy.

EIA Status update

Ecodesign Impact Accounting: Status Report 2019 PDF file

The Status Report is the main EIA document, containing full and detailed data and a description of the EIA-methodology. It is mainly organized per parameter, e.g. sales, stock, load, efficiency, energy, emissions, prices, expenses. The Status Report is intended for insiders/experts and for analysts requiring detailed figures.

Ecodesign Impact Accounting: Overview Report status 2019 PDF file

The Overview Report addresses a wider, non-technical audience and aims at making the EIA data more easily accessible.

Ecodesign Impact Accounting: Presentation status 2019 PDF file

Presentation of key information and results of the EIA.

Ecodesign Impact Accounting: Printfile status 2019 Excel file

Spreadsheet file with data used in the EIA status update, presented in a printable layout.



Special reports

Special studies in 2016 were separately performed in addition to the main EIA. These are one-off studies that are not updated annually.

Ecodesign Impact Accounting: Special Report Material Inputs for Production 2016 PDF file

This report is an addition to the main Ecodesign Impact Accounting (EIA) of March 2016. It calculates the material consumption for the production of the 2010 sales and the 'installed stock'. The material inputs are a compilation of over 200 Bills of Materials (BOMs) generated in 40 Ecodesign preparatory studies that took place in the period 2006-2016.

Ecodesign Impact Accounting: EcoReport for the average EIA product 2016 PDF file

This report covers the work presented in the Materials Report by inserting the material data, combined with EIA data in a standard EcoReport. The result is a single EcoReport for a fictitious average EIA product that has the same material and energy consumption as all EIA products together. Compared to the existing Materials Report and EIA-report it provides the Life Cycle Impacts and Costs of the combined EIA products, additional insight in the subdivision of environmental impacts over the various phases of product life, and additional information on waste streams and on emissions to water and air.


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