VHK Research & Development


European Commission

January 2012 — VHK concludes two major studies for the European Commission:
the 2nd Ecodesign Working Plan (DG Enterprise and Industry, contract SI2.574204) and the Methodology study for preparatory studies in the context of the Ecodesign of Energy-related Products (MEErP, TREN/R1/350-2008 Lot 3, contract No. SI2.581529).

Final reports can be downloaded at www.ecodesign-wp2.eu and www.MEErP.eu respectively.

European Commission

October 2011 — VHK is part of two consortia that have launched successful bids for European Commission Framework Contracts on technical assistance in the
field of energy and environment.

Consortium leaders are COWI (for the DG
ENER bid) and VITO (for the DG ENTR bid). The actual workload will depend on
the outcome of follow-up restricted tenders for subcontracts between the winning consortia.


VHK update

Martijn van Elburg is now policy research director at VHK. In this capacity he succeeds René Kemna who will dedicate more time to VHK's design activities. René Kemna continues as special advisor to the policy research team.