VHK in short

VHK, a private limited liability company (B.V.), founded by Rob van Holsteijn and René Kemna in 1984, has its headquarters in Delft, the Netherlands, and a facility in Brussels. Our compact team consists of highly qualified and experienced research engineers and product developers. The predominant background of our staff is in industrial design engineering, mastering the broad spectrum of technical, economic, commercial and environmental disciplines that go with it. Our strengths are unrivalled specialist experience, proven track-record and a strictly neutral stand in our policy work. VHK is a leading technical consultant for the European Union's Ecodesign and Energy Label programmes, working on methodologies, numerous studies and impact assessments as well as the monitoring of standards for a very wide product scope. In product design we have developed successful HVAC-products and lighting-fixtures for some of the most prestigious companies in Europe.